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well, my name is Peter Gulbrandsen and I write songs. i've always conjured phrases
with whatever my hands would find, but only this last year and half have i begun writing
songs. they tell me that i'm proficient with the English language. Oddly enough, "proficient" is probably spelled wrong. anyway, the point is that i try to
make my lyrics as poetic and purposeful as possible. it really burns when artists couple
great music with shallow and awkward lyrics. so, i try to avoid that. now, i am but a
novice as a musician, but my emotions (which hopefully shine through into my songs) are anything but premature,
i promise. at least, i struggle to be honest and recreate the hurricane the sweeps constantly
through my subconscious (my is it a spellcheck nightmare).
i can't imagine that there is too much truth in this paragraph, but thats why i have my composition. please listen to the sound...